Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sure is a good thing I got the heater going last night....the temp just kept falling and falling. Low temp over the past 24 hours happened at 7:33AM. Soon as the sun was up - it all went back to normal.

Took advantage of the perfect weather day and worked outside, avoiding the computer and that pesky IP cam. Welded up the temporary supports for truss #4 then added on to my back door rig to make truss launching easier (I hope...).

The batteries for my good ol' Ryobi tools have finally bit the dust. I must say - they really hung in there over almost two years. Every cut made and every screw placed in my little hut was done with those batteries. Just got my replacement yesterday. 18V lithium ions and a new drill. The beauty of it all is that the new bats work in my old tools as well. 69,80,29!!, 0


rj said...

I think will like the new Lithium Batteries...a major step change from old technologies...

jandean said...

Where's the Hares?
Is that next week? ;)
And the Grub Shack? How's that working out?

tffnguy said...

Oh Yeah on the Lithium batteries. At one time I had 4 different battery drills and every time I needed to use one the nicads had lost the charge. Very annoying!

Glad the temp didn't stay that low for long. No antifreeze in my car.

ezrablu said...

Brrrr....good work....nice Ryobi :o)

hablar said...

I've been following your blog for a while and love it.. but..

I'm a little worried about your trusses.. And I'd sleep a little easier if you took an hour each to go back and do a full length weld on the joins for the horizontal lengths of rebar.. where the two long lengths of rebar are joined.

As it stands, they appear to only have been welded in 4-5 locations each.. if these trusses are going to fail.. its here.

Having said that.. It's an awesome idea for fabricating trusses.. well done! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey John, I got that 18 volt lithium set up too. They are great, I know your gonna luv them.

Allen Hare said...

jandean, this is Allen Hare, checking in. My beautiful wife and I should be rolling into Study Butte next Tuesday sometime before noon. We'll leave Dallas when I get off work Monday night, and drive on through the night. We look forward to this trip so much every year. Can hardly wait 'till we can move out to Terlingua permanently.
John, great looking work over the last several days. I continue to be amazed at your quality fabrication, and amazing volume of output. Looking forward to meeting you, and seeing the field lab in person. Cheers, and continued good luck!