Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the storm has passed...

The NW edge of the storm just passed over me and nothing but blue sky in the foreseeable future. Got just a drop of rain today but that was it - nothing to measure.

Got back to work on the greenhouse today. Had to adjust the south edge of the SE container - jacked it up and shimmed it 1/4"....that's much better. Prepped to drag my last 3 trusses to their final resting places. Had to move my comealong blocks to the east end containers. Set my ladder across the gorge and just slid them across. Truss 4 should be on the way up tomorrow.

Some great deals on HP laptops and netbooks tomorrow to coincide with the launch of Windows7. I just ordered this netbook today to dedicate to my weather station and Stickam webcam.

What other product can you buy in this world that just keeps getting better and cheaper each year? This netbook cost just a little more than my first fancy calculator - bought in the early 70's. Moore's Law rocks! 67,83,64, a sprinkle


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the sunset show, but I tuned in to watch the "Breakfast with Benita" show last Saturday and Sunday and it was canceled for both of these days. I can only watch it on the weekends. Has the "Breakfast with Benita" show been canceled, is there some kind of contract dispute, or is the show on a hiatus?

John Wells said...

It's all up to Benita...her contract states that she is under no obligation to show up on time.

Texmom said...

I caught just the tailend of the 7PM broadcast today and watched you looking at the computer screen.

Kinda neat in a way, but also creepy. Goodnight.

ezrablu said...

Thanks for taking a few minutes to hang out on cam and not just behind was fun(ny)
I just checked out your new laptop! Pretty decent for pretty decent price, too. Please share your opinion on it after you use out there (I'm on the lookout for one and I REALLY like the size of that one).
Sleep tight :o)

Allen Hare said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about one of these minis for travel. They look pretty sweet.

The set-up for the truss raising looks good. It sure will be nice seeing them all up top.

czardastx said...

I have to make a few comments about the netbooks. I own an Acer netbook. It has the Atom processor which seems to be the standard processor for netbooks. I've had mine for about 3 months now. I'm very happy with it. I bought a 2GB RAM replacement because it only came with 1GB. I knew some of the things I'd be using it for would need that extra bump in the memory. Be aware that if you have programs you install that need the higher screen resolutions that they may not run on the netbook. The netbook won't be as fast as a regular notebook, but it's not meant to be.

Does it run Microsoft office? It came with a trial version pre-installed (also has Windows XP). I never tried it. In fact I may have deleted it to free up space on the hard drive. I don't have the netbook with me or I could tell you for sure. I'm using mine primarily for my Canon DSLR. I like to take pictures of the night sky, especially when there's a meteor shower. The netbook will run for 5 - 6 hours on a single charge if I reduce the screen brightness and don't run videos or other power hungry apps. Because of the long run time I'm able to run my program (Canon EOS Utility) which allows the netbook to run the camera and have it take the number of pictures I want at the interval I specify. As a side note to John; I believe you have the Canon G10(?). You should consider downloading the software from the Canon site if you want an easy way to take pictures for time lapse. Here's one I did without planning to do a time lapse using my net book to run the camera:

I do use my net book to burn photos to CD (you'll need to buy an external DVD/CD drive). It does that with no problem. I've run Firefox and Explorer at the same time and it's about as fast as my laptop. It's hard to tell though if it's the netbook or the network that causes it to run slower. Probably both, but I'm thinking mostly the netbook because it's not as powerful as the notebook. But it's not so bad that I'm discouraged from running the two of them at the same time again. I also use my netbook to run my webcam. So, those of you (ezrablu, Texman1, Psyclesam, fascat) who have seen my webcam on Johns Stickam broadcasts can get an idea of how it handles that task. It also does a good job with my mp3's that I organize and create. The sound from the speakers is adequate, haven't tried to add stand alone speakers though so I don't know what it would sound like coming out of bigger speakers.

Over all I'm very happy with the netbook. The keyboard is smaller but it's not that much of an inconvenience. Some people may gripe about it but these are the same people who think nothing of using the keys or touchpad on a phone for texting.

If you have any other questions you can send them to me at I don't want to tie up Johns comments with discussions of netbooks so I don't mind fielding them. Really good or informative questions I can post in this discussion thread to share with all of Johns adoring public.

Unknown said...

I put in the OCZ Vertez 30 gig SSD in my Asus 1000HA netbook. I am running Ubuntu 9.04. With the solid state drive and 2 gig of ram it is a different machine than the 160 gig HD and XP. Nice to have it boot up in a few seconds.

We got your rain here in the San Antonio area.

tffnguy said...

I've run Linspire (Now xandros ) for a few years and then switched to Freespire mainly because its free. I like it much better than Windoz and if I ever have a crash on this laptop that's what will be on it. You can have the CNR on the Freespire automatically install thousands of apps Free. I tried xandros for the 30 day trial period, but didn't want to pay the $100 for it, but if you want a computer that will run Linux and Windoz apps at the same time it would be worth it. Don't know that I'd want to try that new windoz for a pretty good while though! I beta tested windows 98 years ago and it was so buggy I finally through up my hands and went back to 95. It took months to get 98 to be a good operating system, but they finally did. I'm using XP on here and don't plan to upgrade or downgrade to any other windows type.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I thought you would get some rain out of that storm, we are supposed to get rain from it here in VA tomorrow night and Saturday.
We are waiting for the new version of Ubuntu Linux to be released on the 30th. No more windows for us. We like the fast boot and non-corporate style of the product, it works better than XP and is free plus you don't need a new machine to run it. Try it on an old machine and see how you like it.