Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Storm of 2009?

The Field Lab Channel: Tune in tonight starting at 7PM central time for live coverage of what may be the last rainfall of 2009. 60% chance that the northern edge of the storm that surrounds Hurrican Rick will spit on me. www.stickam.com/thefieldlab or http://www.thefieldlab.org/webcam.html

Just storm prep today....just in case. Everything is packed away and the pumps are ready to go.

No rain as of 9PM....but lots of wind out of the south - will keep an ear out for the pitter patter on my roof overnight. 75,92,56,?


Bob from Athens said...

John, you have a long range shot of the field lab from way back when on thefieldlab.org site, how about taking another one from the same place and putting it below the original so we can see the difference between now and then?

tffnguy said...

You're making me nervous John.

MsBelinda said...

Hope you get the desired rainfall. Will attempt to log in and see if my dial-up internet will support it.

jandean said...

One eye on fieldlab cam to see if Rick dribbles, and one eye on Yankees to see if..well..just to see.
Sensory overload.

Anonymous said...

Down here in Corpus Christi were supposed to get hammered tomorrow with rain from TS rick.

(those new solar panels look good)

Allen Hare said...

I like Bob from Athens' suggestion above.

I'm never home when you have the cam going. Maybe I'll catch it some day.

F.Y.I., Big D is supposed to be inundated tomorrow. Hope some of it falls out your way.

K1p said...

El Nino should keep you wetter than normal. West Texas 1oo year average is 1.89, El Nino average is 3.37