Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Piano Tuner

Not much to report today....did a live webcast of how I make Field Lab Solar Oven Beer Bread, fed and watered and scratched Benita, cleaned up the house a little, took a shower. The big news of the day is that my friend Julianne came out to start tuning my piano. Will probably take a few visits but it on its' way to harmonic perfection for the first time in 30 years.

Shot down to the Ghost Town for the party....met a lot of really nice folks - mostly professional photographers plus some locals I've heard about and have now finally met. All the photogs had big ol' digital cameras on them. I opted out of doing any shooting or video - the place was digitally saturated as it was. As much as I dread parties, this one actually didn't suck. Even met a cousin of a guy that lives in my old hometown in upstate NY. The loaf of bread I baked today was a big hit. Thus ends the day... 53,82,27,0


Pipsqeek said...

Sounds like the party was good fun.

The piano will be great once it's back in tune.

Ben in Texas said...

Piano? Dog Gone, where is that Piano? I didn't notice one when I visited the Lab a couple months ago :-( Would have whipped you off a tune.

Sounds like you hobnobbed with some interesting folks.

tffnguy said...

I can play chop sticks. Does that count? Come to think of it I probably can't even play that. I used to be pretty good on a set of drums though. At least I thought I was. The neighbors probably didn't think so.

rj said...

A link with the location of the piano

Allen Hare said...

I'm bringing my classical guitar to Terlingua this week. We can jam!

The whole Big Bend area is photographer's paradise.

A few years ago we were out there during a gathering of painters. Everywhere we went around Terlingua, Study Butte, and Big Bend National Park we encountered painters, singly, or in groups, with their easels set up on the sides of the roads, painting landscapes. I'd love to see all those paintings now.

Glad to hear you had a good time mingling with some other photogs.

Unknown said...

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Zoe said...

Will we get to see you play the piano any time soon? Hope so!

Re: the solar oven beer bread demo - any chance you could update your youtube version? pretty please with spam!

Thanks for all you do!

Just Me said...

There's a link to a YouTube video of John playing the piano back in his Aug 15, 2009 post.

John's Original Piano Composition on a very out of tune piano