Friday, October 23, 2009

truss scoot

Got another UPS delivery today...Jerry was off so I met the other driver up at the highway at noon. This package - two 16' active USB extension cables for my little webcam. Another point for plug and play technology! Hooked 'em both together with my laptop on one end the the cam on the other and worked like a charm. Did a little "sky cam" shooting for this afternoons show of truss #4 getting scooted and welded into place. Had the camera mounted on top of my scaffold for the view from the top, while the laptop sat in the shade.
My IT friend in the UK has a blog going loaded with his seamless knowledge of all things computer - especially stuff regarding video...Check out Neils blog at I think he really needs to come vacation at the Field Lab this winter... 65,82,43!, 0


ezrablu said...

hey very cool about the cables, can't wait to try mine! I missed the show this afternoon...looks like in the photos you posted the cam had a great view. Cya tomorrow!

Ben in Texas said...

I got lucky and remembered to tune in for the show.. AWESOME!!! New camera works great.. What a view from up there. The sky was so blue it hurt your eyes.

jandean said...

I didn't get my tv guide again. Is there a regular afternoon show now?
I was up early to try and catch the a.m. program, but either I missed it or the guest failed to show.

Mr_Brown said...

I was on working on the computer all afternoon and still missed the show. Dag-nabit! We need Stikcam to develop some sort of alert.

Allen Hare said...

That is so cool about the new set up with the mini computer, the extention usb cables, and the web cam. Now, you'll have to build a tower for the web cam, similar to the ones by your drive entrance. I bet you could figure a way to remotely rotate the cam from ground level, to give a panoramic view.
I always miss the live cam because I'm either asleep, at work, or don't know when to tune in. Is it possible to post a schedule of times the live feed will be on? Is it possible to have the live feed going all the time? I realize that might not be practical, due to electricity useage and other considerations. Just a thought. Hope to catch it some day.
At any rate, we'll be down in your neighborhood in a few days. Seeing Terlingua in person is the greatest!

neil said...

Users registered at can "Subscribe" to 'thefieldlab' and then go to "Subscriptions" -> "Live Notifications". There you can add an email address or, God help you, a cellphone number(USA only).