Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cuttin stem pipe

Got a magnificent weed growing in the greenhouse...and lots of jalapenos coming in.  Mr. and Mrs. Floppy had a late afternoon snack yesterday.  Cut up some pipe today for my corner H braces.  80,94,62,0,C, .26


remmij said...

Mr. Wells - you research & you're a man with a plan, but your reference to H braces made me curious and I ran across these - you might give them a quick gander,
especially since you seem to have access to some pipe & weld... the N brace? - see comments 3&4 after the article... just a thought given the lengths you're doing... and if you haven't already checked these.
h&n brace
Colorado fencing
H brace & tools
Ben is going to have quite the vacation casa - are you planning multiple web cams? a pole barn vista/roof cam along with overhead interior view?
Maybe the Airstream will become the broadcast facility?;-)
a couple others:
T-Post const.
general info
UofW pdf

Anonymous said...

seems under age female donke for floppy xxxx , dude...is he doing his stuff with her ? (that s what good in nature) no underage xxxx

El Viejo said...

rag weed

Rita B. said...

It's always good to see Mr. (and Mrs) Floppy. He just makes me smile. Do OBC and the herd still visit regularly? I'll be there in about 3 weeks and hope to be able to come out for a tour.

mwsmarc said...

We always called that a "careless weed". Grows well in cotton.

S.A.B.L.E. said...

Your "weed" is a variety of amaranth, commonly called pigweed.

Mudguy said...

Your weed is, as S.A.B.L.E. says, indeed Amaranth.
It is Spiny Amaranth and if you notice close to the stem is starting to form it's deadly "burrs". If it were outside, you'd see it drying and starting it's terroristic production of piercing needle-like fruit.
We have miles and miles of it in Marfa and each plant produces up to 600 deadly, sticky, thorny burrs.

Allen Hare said...

Nice pictures today. It's good to see Mr. & Mrs. Floppy.