Wednesday, September 19, 2012

more choppin...

Cut the 3 utility poles that have been sitting at the end of my driveway for over a half year.  These three were slated for a tower structure someday but the bull pen is the priority.  Not so little Ben is gonna outweigh me in about 6 weeks.  Worked up a quick tow rig for the gennie so I could do the deed today without having to huff it down to the work zone.   While Doug and I were talking yesterday, one thing he mentioned was backing up my blog posts...something that hadn't occurred to me.  Since they live in GoogleLand right now I reckon it's probably a good idea.  Explored the options this afternoon and saved the lot.  Cracked open the latest gift tonight and tasted some real beer - thanks Doc.  82,91,58,0,B,0 


cub said...

john - check out for a backup. I have used it for 4yrs.
no problems. frank

remmij said...

curious about method and where you saved it to?
xml file>to one of the SD cards you picked up the other day & then a monthly or weekly routine? or something else off-site like the carbonite suggestion?
The good thing about you is that you get it done - a tiny bit less under Goo's thumb now.

Dr. Kleemann made a good suggestion - your pics, words and experiences are worth backing up... maybe even as a hard copy book at this point.

blogger backup

Greg said...

Saving the pics and words of your blog life over the past few years is a worthy effort. I can see a book and lecture circuit in your future should you so desire.

Keep learning, keep trying new things, stay thirsty.

Allen Hare said...

Yep, back-up is a good idea.

Looks like you had a day of labor, too. Nice thinking on towing the generator.

That beer looks good, if the label is any indication. I will look for it in my local quality beverage supplier.