Tuesday, September 15, 2009

0 % chance of rain

Guess they were right...at least for the Field Lab. 2 storms just missed me this afternoon. Still about 2.5" shy of last years rainfall but I'm still hopeful. All I'm asking for is one more inch so I can fill up the tanks which will give me 12,000 gallons to start off with in the greenhouse...(minus 15 gallons a day to Benita). Starting to wonder if she is going to disappear again this winter.

Cutting, cutting, cutting plus a little GrubShack. Gave a loaf of FL Solar Oven Bread to Betty to dole out to the public. Popped over to see Ronald's blooming living rock cactus and check on his house project.


Ben in Texas said...

That's a resurrection plant isn't it? saw them wild in one of the canyons while rafting the river back about 85 or so. They look dead till they get water. managed to keep one alive here for several years.

Will be in your area the week of 21-24.. Will of course drop by, what you need ? other than restock the beer cooler? :-)

Bob from Athens said...

As far as Benita staying or not depends a lot on you. During the winter cows, horses, deer, etc look for some sheltered place out of the wind and preferably facing south. Such as a deep dry wash on the south side of a hill or mountain, preferably with a sandy bottom. They stay in these places as long as they can and only come out to eat and drink when the weather is nice or when they have to. If you can give her a shelter from the wind facing south, she "might" stay around. Animals like to stay warm just like humans.

Scavenger said...

Long time lurker here; just had to say I love your site and have read every post.

Also as far as Ron's house that he is building it looks to be an interesting project in itself. Does he have a Blog or website?

- Tom in Milw,WI

Jim R said...

Ben in Texas,

No, it isn't a resurrection plant.

It is Ariocarpus Fissuratus, a genuine member of the cactus family. This little cactus lacks spines and resembles a greenish-gray rock unless it's blooming. It's native to the Chihuahuan Desert.

Allen Hare said...

Your friend's house project looks interesting. Hope you can show us some pics as his work progresses.

Anonymous said...

I got a friend in houston and he says its been raining for a week straight. All your rain must be in hurry and passed ya.

TexasMan said...

I am never amazed at the information I will learn on TFL! Read comments and often end up on another tab several layers deep engrossed in the information I learn about.

Keep it up guys. I am a fountain of knowledge that is not full yet!

Ditto on Ron's house. Is it going to be light weight concrete? (Similar to http://www.flyingconcrete.com/ )

tffnguy said...

Ditto 3 on Ron's house. I'd like to see that coming along.