Monday, September 7, 2009

just a little labor day

Still just the last bit of rain for the season in the forecast so began the day by servicing the gas water pump. Opened up the pump manifold and removed some rocks lodged in there. Also changed the oil. Should be good to go if and when we get the next to last rain. Also need to place my two 1550 gallon tanks to take advantage of these last rains of the season.

Worked another loaf of solar oven bread into the mix today...this one is for my friends David a Susan who just came back out for a building visit. Made my run up to Taurus Mesa to pick up the loaner scaffolding from my buddy Marbert. Smooth sailing all 13 miles to his place. Note to all future Field Lab visitors: Marbert has several dirt runways to choose from if you are flying in. Visitors who have their own plane get the super deluxe tour including a free t-shirt. Delivered some bottles of Marberts favorite beer in exchange for the scaffolding....Shiner Blonde. (If you fly in, bring a case for landing rights) We are both set now for a couple of months. Some of the vistas between our places are quite fantastic.


Gavin said...

An Amazing Panorama... I love it.

With that solar bread recipe, I guess there's enough yeast in the beer to make it rise, or am I missing something?

John Wells said...

thats the trick with beer bread - self rising flour, sugar, and beer.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Chelada beer?

John Wells said...

yup....16 oz Chelada,and 2
cups diced olives,and 1/2 cup minced onion....4 cups self rising flour, 4 TBS know the drill from here.

Billy Bob said...

Yo John, that there panorama pic sure would make a great addition to your header. Go to customize, click edit header, chose photo from file, click shrink to fit, click save and walla.

LOL, you should have seen my first solar beer bread...only used 3 cups flour and had a pan full of goo. Will try 4 cup next time...or a little less since I have 12 oz. beer.

Allen Hare said...

I really like the panorama shot. Can you tell us where it was taken? I agree with Billy Bob that it would make a great header to the blog.

You have been blessed with some great, helpful friends. That really is essential when you're so far away from "civilization".

A big 10-4 on the Shiner Blonde.

I love the thought of flyin' in. I've been flapping my wings for several years, now. Still haven't gotten off the ground.

Anonymous said...

ID like to see what kind of filtraition you use to get usefull water from the muddy wash water you pump