Monday, September 21, 2009

got it down

Plowed through the welding today and finished truss 4 about 10 minutes before sunset. Now that I have the technique and procedures down, and all the parts cut - it goes rather quickly as long as I keep at it. Burned through 2 1/2 ten pound spools of welding wire so far - just plopped a new one into the rig this afternoon. The new plan is to build the

next 3 trusses then paint them on the ground before hoisting them into place....will make a spray day out of it and paint all 6 in one go.

The only problem today was Benita kept coming into the work zone and I had to lure her away 3 times with more snacks. I would hate for her to go blind watching me weld after a long life of having never been poked in the eye by another longhorn. Good thing those horns are more about pushing than poking.


Ben in Texas said...

Looking Good John!! Can't get any welding goggles in COW size? :-)

Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, going to try and find you tomorrow.. Need to shake your hand in person.

First I got to locate my buddy down on Terlingua Ranch so he can lead me to your place.

John Wells said...

I will be at the GrubShack at 1PM for lunch

jandean said...

Time for a Spectra-Orange shield? Maybe rent? Or keep luring Benita away with treats. Just don't ruin her lithe lovliness.

KE5MIL said...

Sounds like a plan. You have a good tempo going and Benita makes the perfect distraction to ensure you don't become over focused or single minded. I can't wait to see all six standing tall. Good luck and be safe!
Cheers from San Antonio

2L84Me said...

Let's see, If I mozy over in that work area, ole John will give me a treat ...... Gee! It Worked!
Boy! that was easy! Let's try that again!
WOW, that's pretty neat!
Let's see if I can get some water!
Gatta love that Guy!
Hook-um Horns!

frann said...

What are you covering all these trusses with?

Allen Hare said...

Another amazing job, well done! Love them arches.

Photo #3 looks like "The Case Of The Curious Cow", by John Wells.

MsBelinda said...

Your work ethic is amazing. I don't know where you get the energy to do all that you do.

I love that picture of Benita sneeking in, lol.

linda said...

You and Benita are so cool. Love your blog.

Marlene said...

About the Cain's rounding up longhorns; what do they do with them? Sell them for longhorn burgers, or what?

Anonymous said...

If you can get benitta to pose for you while wearing a welding shield. you will make it into national geographic Im sure.

Anonymous said...

Im telling you Benita' smarter than you think she is. She bug's you, she gets food. She bugs you again, she gets more food.

"Benita's got you trained".

eric in corpus christi, recent visitor to field lab and bearer of "Shiner Bock".