Sunday, September 13, 2009


Slowly worked into it today - building steam as the day went on. Sprayed the welds on truss #1. Scooted the scaffolds around and set myself up for new cutting for truss #4. Two breaks during the session for Field Lab visitors. Quit at 6:30PM - 172 cuts'n'grinds later.

No prize - but congratulations to visitor 123,456 at 9:45:06 this morning.


KE5MIL said...

Yes Sir, excellent dipicition of the hum drum, routine, the necessary steps of life to achive...thanks for reminding us all that somtimes just doing whats got to be done it whats got to be done.

From San Antonio, home of the world champion San Antonio Spurs.

Allen Hare said...

Way to go, John! They look great.

It's been very rainy, and cooler up here in the big city. Hope some of the cooler weather has made it down your way.

Good luck with the next three trusses.