Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Gunday

No rain last night and another sunny day stretch of my road is still a swamp but there is a way around it. Made it out to run down to Study Butte to stock up for the next couple of threats of "isolated afternoon thunderstorms". Got truss 3 finished off with its temporary supports then got most of the gear moved for the truss raising on the other two containers.

My buddy Dan and his son Dylan made it down today for a visit. They live in Austin and made a trip out to Marfa for the long weekend. Their visit to the Field Lab was almost shot down by the recent rain, but they made it. Dan and I worked together in NYC and he came out in April of 08 with our mutual former employer Chris Callis. We gave Dylan the tour, chewed the fat for awhile then did some shoot'n.

Hopefully the rain will hold off so I can get more rebar delivered on Tuesday...I need 70 more 20' lengths to build the other 3 trusses. Just talked to Betty...she is home finally - the GrubShack will be back in full swing on Tuesday.


Texmom said...

I believe Benita has laid claim to your spread.

She is such a bright spot in all your reports. I love to see her.

Allen Hare said...

That's a nice panorama of the Field Lab. Thanks for the long view.
I followed the link to your friend's site. What a remarkable body of work he has. I'm really impressed with his vision. The Kate Winslet photo was my fave. I never knew she was that beautiful 'till I saw that photo. Wow!
Hope your rebar delivery makes it on time. With the recent rain, I suspect your catchment tanks are about full.
Good luck with the home stretch of the truss project.

rj said...

Dan needs to do an illustration of your place, perhaps one with a conceptual of the greenhouse. It is worth the time to check out his work.

Thought it was interesting that he lives in Austin, Los Angeles and Savannah, Georgia. Two dry climates and one swamp.

Ian Paterson said...

Well god damn, you know Dan Winters? I didn't realize you were *that* good a photog.