Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

As I hadn't totally figured out the truss raising on the east side....had a bit of a battle with truss #4. I won the fight and finally got it on top. Need to add some more bracing against that block wall as it sticks out about 3' from the containers. Next truss will be easier - the last will be a breeze.

Wonders of technology: The HP Mini Netbook I ordered yesterday morning with free express shipping, showed up via UPS at 5:30 PM today - out here in the middle of nowhere.....amazing!! Thank you Gonna plug it in and bring it to life tonight.... 65,89,45,0
Just fired up the Mini....took 30 minutes to set it up....plug and play at it's best...all is well.


mike said...

big doorway

ezrablu said...

I never thought I'd become a peeping Tom, but I have to admit, I enjoy watching you :o) Your ratings keep getting higher so I'm thinkin pretty soon I need to get that autograph from you.
Here is that link to that ebook I mentioned tonight. It might come in handy with your greenhouse and other folks on here might could use it:
Glad you're liking your new pc. Quick setup. I remember a time when "plug and play" did not actually just "plug and play". Well, truth be told, I went to college for computer programming BEFORE there was such a thing as "Plug and Play". (yep, I am older than you John :o)
Also, thanks to all you folks who shared your knowledge and experience with your notebooks. Sometimes I wonder what we all did before the internet and all this world wide sharing. Hmmm. Speaking of that, I wasn't able to get logged back on the stickam. I could see your cam fine, but couldn't log into the chat.

Darin said...

They really have made a lot of nice improvements on those little netbooks. Other than a DVD drive, they have all the features of a full sized notebook PC.

I wondered if you would end up getting one as the energy consumption is about as low as you can get for a computer. Figured one would be ideal for someone living off the power grid.

D. B. Day IV said...

I've been observing your progress for quite a while. Looking at those trusses, and remembering you cut each piece and getting a shard in your eye, is odd now that such a formidable structure is being raised.

Well played, sir.

Inspirational to watch relentless, piece by piece, progress in the lonesome desert. Almost makes me think of how the pyramids came into being (minus the slave labor).

For some reason, the door frame was a milestone from my vantage. I presume that you have an eye for design on the greenhouse as well as its functionality. Hard to visualize until today. Can't wait to see plants growing.

And by the way, you mentioned getting some chickens--ever thought about goats? You could have have fresh milk and chevre daily. Not to mention, you would get to tussle with Wiley E. Coyote pretty regular!

ezrablu said...

One more link I'd like to share...Harbor Freight discount coupon :o)

dylan said...

This ebook is sweet! Thanks ezrablu.