Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Somehow a whole year has gone by since I started the blog. To celebrate my one year anniversary and in homage to my August 15, 2008 post, I present the following brief concert performed on the very piano I took lessons on back in 3rd grade. This is a piece I wrote over 30 years ago when I was in college - followed by my favorite end riff.


Ben in Texas said...

Well, done,, But good God that piano needs tuning in the worst way..

Mr_Brown said...

That was so good I'm getting a little Misty. Bravo!

Just Me said...

I'd be happy to tune that thing for you if I can find my tools! Especially if you plan on any more postings of it being played.

Anything happening with that trumpet you bought on impulse a while back?

Anonymous said...

Loved the tip can in the foreground!!! you got one dry sense of humor. very good, can you break a 10 spot? oh well I'll throw the whole thing in some day.

DIYer said...

Don't quitcher day job...

And Ben, I think that's the kind of tuning it got!

dave said...

John I agree with the last post that you better not give up your day job. All in all though, I am amazed by your diverse range of talent.

Mark Richards said...


I imagine a saloon, built around you and the piano.


denziel56 said...


great talent under all that beard !

Sarai and Joy are both trained in classical ,very impressed from that old piano and yourself .don't recognize it from out there ?

yea that old sound board has some miles on it. But the discipline and days of practice in your past life really came out !

Congratulations on your 1 year of the "Blog" @ "The Field Lab" and a fine performance to boot !

cheers !


Allen Hare said...

Making music is so fun!

After the greenhouse is built, I bet you could set up a piano bar in one of the containers.

Billy Bob said...

John, I delayed on mak'n my comment 'cause I didn't want to set your spurs to jingl'n. I got to agree, that either that pi-anner is out of tune or you need to take up welding as a second job.
Congrats on your anniversary.
Love that old "tip" can.

BigTex said...

So we have a photographer, carpenter, electrician, scientist, comedian, plumber, CH&A, cattle baron, and now a musician, too.

But, at this point, you are not a piano tuner.

Great job and congrats!!

Trent and Courtney

Darin said...

I think a harness on 'ol Benita and she can help raise those trusses for you!

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary at the Field Lab! Keep up the great posts, they are really enjoyable reading.

MsBelinda said...

Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your blog, may there me many more posts to come.

Would love to comment on your video but unfortunately I have dial-up so it is almost impossible to your tip can though..

The Fat Mermaid said...

Nicely played! Your piano has a great old timey sound. More music to come?

gerry rosser said...

Wouldn't the phrase "first anniversary" be a bit more elegant than "one year anniversary?"

I'm not a "grammar nazi," (a phrase popular with the barely-literate), but grit my teeth when idiotic usage ("oh, it was so sweet, he got me roses on our month-and-a-half 'anniversary'), causes the reasonable intelligent to start bowdlerizing their usage by including the implicit assumption that anniversaries can fall on something other than a yearly basis by saying "one-year" or "three-year" anniversary.


Happy anniversary.

I'm not commenting on the piano work.