Friday, October 2, 2009

Tour Day

77,95,64,0 My new friend Rachel came out for the full tour plus lunch at the GrubShack. Nice to have a girl visit for a change after all you ugly guys have come out to see me. I don't really mean that.....hmmmm, yes I do. Actually, all the visitors have been great to meet but I gotta work on my demographics. Rachel brought some home made pesto....opened the jar to sample it tonight and sampled it right to the bottom of the jar in a feeding frenzy. Need a second batch to go with some pasta. Go kart was running smooth and the hit of the tour. (visitors get to drive, by the way)


Bob from Athens said...

look out now! if'n you make benita jealous, she likely to put bout a ton of hurt on ya!! Literally!

Anonymous said...

Well...Benita may be jelous but I bet the visitor smells better : )

Anonymous said...

can she shoot?

Dave Barrett said...

I mentioned your desire to attract more women fans and she had some suggestions:
You would need to tone down all the self-reliance stuff and put more emphasis on how you cooperate with your neighbors.
Explain more where you get your designs and ideas, especially when you are building on someone else's work.
Less talk about spiders and snakes, more about flowers, rainbows and sunsets.
Find some smaller, cuter and better-smelling pets.

Jim R said...


I'll bet she eats shoots and leaves.

Texmom said...

PLEASE! GIMME A BREAK with all the flowers (oh yeah I like flowers) and rainbows...they are kinda nice, and the sunset photos are fantastic.

Oh, so I am a girlie girl after all. But I do have a gun!

Don Auderer said...

you may be tired of visitors but I would like to meet you tomorrow. I read your blog every day and come bearing gifts!

email me at

I'll check in the morning. I'm in the Bibe Basin.


Anonymous said...

lol @ the pic of Annie O.

Respect a woman with a gun! And stay clear!

neil said...

I love the picture. Your people shots are just a amazing as your landscapes. You captured a moment where you can see a child like expression of joy in Rachel's smile.


Now you need a visitor picture collage page in your main website. A kind of photo guestbook. No need to hurry, if you get it done by next week, I will be happy.

Allen Hare said...

Great pic of Rachel. A lot of little details about her in the picture seem to indicate that she's a damn interesting woman. Looks like she knows how to have fun, too! Good to hear you had some female company. It can really make your day!
We'll be in Terlingua next month, so I can introduce you to the fascinating Mrs. Hare, if you're not too busy.
Good luck with the next phaze..

ezrablu said...

Fantastic photo...genuine smiles are hard to come by :o)