Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Easy day off after the round trip north.  Cleaned up a bit and whipped up a batch of bread dough for the solar oven.  Had a GrubShack lunch with - then tour for my boyz from Arkansas -  Bruce, Dick, Lee, and James.  These trouble makers are in town for their annual chili cookoff trek.  I have been in touch with Bruce for the past year so it was good to finally meet him and his gang.  Sent the boyz packing with 4 loaves of my specialty bread to share with the crazies down south tonight.  My secret recipe goes great with any kind of chili....even chili with beans!  64,80,46,0,B


Storm said...

Only a damn yankee could suggest that chili could have beans!! :)

Everyone knows that the original and only chili is Texas chili which never has beans..

(but being a frugal bastard I make a bean soup at times which remarkably tastes like chili..) :)

mike said...

Them boyz look HUNGRY

Billy Bob said...

Beans are a perfect filler for a pot of chili....much better than okra. But the same goes for gumbo, okra is much better than beans.

Bel said...

Hey y'all. I am a native Texan. As was my mother before me and hers before her and all the way back to my great great Grandfather who fought in the Mexican war as a Texas Mounted Volunteer (led by former Texas Rangers). My family has always had beans in our chili!

I've always felt like some kind of traitor to say it, but I love beans in my chili!

Fine looking group of men. Might have to check out that contest sometime.

UTSA Paratrooper 04 said...
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K1MGY said...

In his book, Apollo EECOM, Sy Lieborgot recounted his participation in the Chili event. I wonder if he's doing it this year?