Monday, November 1, 2010

Yup... no private party yesterday.  Did an overnighter at Motel6 in Odessa for some leisurely errands today.   More FL tshirts dropped off for my friends at Mueller Steel, new boots, a real idler pulley for the Bike'O'Worsher, 3 cans of BatterBlaster, lunch at Hooters with my buddy Guy Hodges (the manager there shut down my live webcast), and a stop at Home Depot to pick up my order for 30 sheets of  polycarbonate for the last section of greenhouse roofing.  The rack did the job.  Quick stop at McCoys on the way through Alpine to order another pallet of concrete mix.  Back to recording the temperatures tomorrow.


Dizzy-Dick said...

No video from Hooters, dang!

Dani said...


My son reckoned you weren't having a private party - said the beer can would've been closed if you were LOL

But you had a productive day - excellent!


Guy Hodges said...

That manager has no idea how much free publicity she missed out on...

BTW Neil - The talent was awesome!

ezrablu said...

It was real nice talking with you this morning at sunrise...I hope to get down there to do it in person.
I'm really liking them polycarbonate sheets. I've been seeing them more and more around here in Wisconsin...on barns, feeding sheds, etc. I'm definitely gonna use them when I build my greenhouse, privy and outdoor summer shower, too.
Good day, JW :o)

Allen Hare said...

I'm liking the truck rack more with each use.

Did you at least get some pics at Hooters?

Heading your way tomorrow night. See you Thursday morning.