Thursday, November 11, 2010

last form pour pulled

Long string of visitors today....I dragged Allen Hare and his wife Ok Hwa over on their way back to civilization for a photo op.  Already looking forward to their visit next year as they are two of my all time favorite friends.  Three other tours came out today - all welcome of course.  Managed a little labor into the schedule... pulling the form off of yesterdays pour, some site cleanup, and a water run down south. Good news is the Starlight Theatre is due to re-open on Saturday!  65,80,38,0,C


UTSA Paratrooper 04 said...

John, what do you have left on the greenhouse?

Allen Hare said...

So, now the base of the greenhouse is nearing completion, and you will probably be moving on to finishing up the roof. For many of us on-line followers that will be the crowning achievement, but I know there's still lots to be done. Have you given much thought to the doors that will fit in the four doorways?

Ok Hwa says "Thanks Again" for the nice farewell visit, and thanks for the flattering photo and the kind words.