Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's that time of year.  Making the transition into the winter season.  Just moved the ice box out to the front porch tonight - no more ice purchases for 4 months.  The chilly overnight temperatures will keep the food fresh.  Reckon I will extract the swamp cooler tomorrow.

Another batch of solar bread went into the oven this morning.  Just as I plopped 'em in, another chili cookoff crew came in for a visit and tour.  My friends Curtis and Melissa came out for their second visit (they were here last year on November 5th) and brought some Odessites - my new best friends Carl and Melinda.  The only thing better than getting visitors out here is getting return visitors.  They were a bit disappointed that Benita wasn't here this trip, but Mr. Floppy came in for a snack and a photo op. 

Late this afternoon, Benita appeared on the horizon and decided to make an appearance - a bit too late for the visitors.  Nice to see the old girl again.  Pretty windy today so she dined in the great hall that will be the greenhouse courtyard.  67,78,40.0,W

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Gavin Thomas said...

How long until Benita heads off for the Winter?