Tuesday, November 23, 2010

november flowers

Early winter issues to deal with at the Field Lab.  Benita might be gone now for the holidays and the Ural has a carburetor problem to suss out.  http://www.examiner.com/motorcycle-travel-in-denver/diagnosing-issues-on-my-ural-fuel-delivery-fuel-path  Found a tear in the air line from the filter that might have sucked some dust in on one side.  That's on the list for tomorrow.

Went to Chuck's to interpret my uneducated diagnosis of the problem.  Got there just in time for a quick consultation then helped him move and offload a chicken coop into a tight squeeze with only a quarter inch on all sides.  Found a little plant nearby still trying to do its' thing.  

Delivered the Kombucha Scoby to her adoptive parent tonight.  BTW - The new Starlight Theatre is better than ever and very well worth a visit.  57,81,43,0,C


Anonymous said...


I bet your problem was caused by the ethonol added to the gasoline. The EPA in all their infinite wisdom forced the oil companies to add 10 percent ethanol to gas and that eats fuel lines. The cure is is your not gonna run an engine for at least a month or more is to drain the tank and run all the gasoline out. This is what I would do for dune buggy, water pump and generator if your not gonna use them often.

allen said...

John ,

Your Ural will just about run on MUD ,,it is an amazing piece of OLD FASHION motorcycle . I had a buddy that bought one in Cullman , Ala . and rode it all the way to Rio . It ran on all kinds of BAD GAS purchased South of The Border , the only issue he ever had was Chain Break ,, but, nothing man-made is perfect ..

Allen Hare said...

I sure hope you get the Ural sorted out. I have two bikes, and keeping them both running can sometimes be a chore. My KLR 650 is down now, waiting 'til I can afford a new chain and both sprockets. I'm so ready to move up to a BMW R1200 GS so I can be done with chain issues. Looking forward to reading your next post with good news about the Ural.

Thanks, also, for the good news about the Starlight. It's good to know that they're doing well.