Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Early GrubShack breakfast then right to work.  Only plan of the day was to get set for the last perimeter pour.  It all came together so quickly - I decided to giteralldone....finished up by 2PM.  Once the blocks are set...I rip lengths of 2x4 and wedge them into place along the back edge of cinder blocks under the container.  Next I bend the ends of a single long piece or re bar to run the length of the blocks and fit into the left and right ends of the blocks.  The form gets set about 3' outside of the line.  Concrete fills the outside - pours into the block voids - and seals out the outside world up to the bottom of the containers.  This pour took another 24 bags because the form started to shift and blow out on the left side....caught it just in time and weighted it down with extra cinder blocks.  60,79,40,0,C


Boo Barksdale said...

Well John, now you know- photography, eco science, general mechanics, solar cooking, dam building, architecture, inventing, welding, construction, hospitality, writing, journalism, and more I'm sure, where will it all lead? To a paying gig maybe?
Amazing what self reliance can teach you!

Allen Hare said...

Frito Bandito, no one could pay John enough for all he does, or especially for the skill set he has developed. You enumerated his many talents nicely.

Way to go, John. Thanks again for the nice visit on our way out of town.