Tuesday, November 30, 2010

cow path...

Too chilly today to get back up on the roof.  Set myself up to do a soil test with wheat grass - 2 parts TFL lake bottom soil, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part Benita poop.  Soaking some seeds to sprout and will transplant tomorrow into the little pot of experimental dirt mix.

Took a long hike this afternoon tracking Benita.  She headed SW Sunday afternoon and may be gone for the winter.  Downloaded GoogleEarth onto my new computer and calculated her trail to the winter range.  The green line is as far as I walked (still on her trail) and the blue line is where I think she goes.  Total distance to the winter range is about 6 miles.  I really should get a GPS transmitter on the old girl. 39,63,26,0,B


Just Me said...

Hope that your planting mix has one part "aged" Benita poop. Remember, goat poop is the only manure that is safe to use fresh. (Other fresh manure generally has too much nitrogen and burns tender young plants and even older established plants. I seem to recall that there's actually manure from another animal that can be used fresh, but it was something I never had access to. If anyone remembers what it was, please post. Camels? Alpacas?)

When it comes to organic gardening, it really helps to know your sh*t.

Shadow Warriors said...


This is where I go for seeds, supplies, info. Everything you want to know about sprouting..

linda said...

GPS would be great. Then you wouldnn't worry so much about her when you can't see her.

Guy Hodges said...


Excellent post about safe composting.

S.A.B.L.E. said...

Rabbits, llamas and alpacas also produce ready to use poop. Other is too high in nitrogen so needs to compost before using.

JW, love the postcard collection. They arrived safely a few days ago. Thanks!

Allen Hare said...

Interesting thread about manure.

I found the Benita tracking to be quite fascinating. I guess you just followed her foot prints. A GPS tracker would be nice. I bet they're expensive, though. Any idea why she goes off like that? Must be instinctual, otherwise she'd just stay "home" where she has a reliable supply of food and water, and good company to boot!

Best of luck with the sprouts.

Michael S. Hunt said...

There is an amateur radio club in your area that might operate an APRS repeater that you could use to track Benita.


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