Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lull in the action at the Field Lab so let's talk about luxury steam yachts.  Early this year I met a woman at the GrubShack that spends her winters out here in the desert...Chris Cobb.  She is a real sweetheart and one of Benita's biggest fans.  She almost cried when she met Benita in person.  After several months, I finally met her mystery husband, Steve.  They both disappeared for the summer to get back to their jobs - cruise director and steamship captain.  Steve was just back out here last week, renting a backhoe to prep for the foundation on their desert home.  Only in Terlingua can you meet someone who can operate heavy earth moving equipment and is an expert seaman in charge of restoring a vintage yacht.  hmmmm....wonder if I can get him to relocate it onto Field Lab Lake.  59,75,38,0,W   


Unknown said...

John I took my Basic training at Fort Bliss in El Paso Rained one time while I was there .seems like all nite.Next morning the sand Was wet but not 1 puddle of water.Are there any .small ponds of water anywhere close to you acrage? Question is the texture of the earth there will it hold water?

Allen Hare said...

That steam yacht is so beautiful. What an awesome project the restoration was. So many details, so many different systems, all that woodwork. The results are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.