Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Finishing up clearing space in my shipping container took way too much time today....but it was worth the time and effort. Now I have more than enough room for the final installment of my worldly possessions. Dropped a load of recyclables down in Terlingua at the pickup spot and picked up a few connectors for some stop switches that will be employed in my battery house wiring. Finally got good and windy out here - a cold front is heading down from the north and bringing nice winds. Just happened to be out at the battery house with my camera when the winds picked up. This is the combined amp reading (at about 25mph wind speed) from the output of my 2 wind turbines. 15.7 Amps! - That's close to 200 watts, which is just about right for these guys at that speed. Won't know for sure about the wind speed until I wire up an anemometer in the battery house.

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