Wednesday, October 29, 2008

United Socialist Republic of America

Took care of business today:
1. Road trip to Alpine today with Chuck...he got more building supplies for his outhouse.
2. I got groceries and happily paid my property tax bill.
3. Got home by 4 PM, unpacked and did some target practice - I'm good...
4. Cleaned my revolver.
I finally get how the Republican tax plan differs from the Democratic tax plan. The GOP has been touting recently that Obama's tax plan is socialist and now I understand. Any redistribution of wealth is socialist in nature and historically has been a failure. The Obama tax plan is just that....Countdown quote of the day: John McCain on Socialism, "It doesn't work, number one. It's been tried many times. Second of all, redistributing the wealth creates disincentives to entrepreneurship, capitalism, small business, free enterprise. If people know that their hard earned -- the fruits of their hard earned labor are going to be taken from them and given to others, then they are obviously going to have disincentives to work. The fundamentals of the free enterprise system is that less government is the best government. Now, there are times for government, in emergencies, in wars and, you know, many other areas where we can interpret it, but the fact is that government should let free enterprise, small business and capitalism function and, of course, it has to be -- has to have regulation. Of course there has to be transparency. Of course Teddy Roosevelt was right where he said unbridled capitalism leads to corruption. But let's not take people's hard earned money that they worked to save and pass on to their children or build their businesses, let's not take it away from them and give it to others. That's -- socialism is antithetical to progress and job creation and wealth, progress for all of society."

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