Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wiring Diagram

Seemed like I was in slow motion today....don't know what happened to the morning. All I seem to remember was wiring up the second turbine to the stop switch and fuse - just as the wind kicked in. Somehow I avoided getting zapped. Made yet another trip to Studio Butte - don't feel so bad now that gas is around $3.30 a gallon. Picked up some parts so I can bolt the 12 VDC hot water coil to the trash can that will be the basis of my diversion load hot water heater. Then made a trip to the ghost town to fill my 125 gallon water tank. The water was a penny a gallon for the first 25 gallons and 10 cents per gallon after that....so it cost me $10.25 for my water run. I have over 200 gallons reserve for mixing concrete and I wanted to add some more to my washing/cooking water reserve - plus I'm forking out about 8 gallons per day to Benita now. In the late afternoon I finished the connections for the turbines and the wiring run back to the outside of the battery house. Cut a piece of 1/2" osb that will go inside to ease mounting everything. Now I gotta plan on how to make the wiring inside the battery house look all purdy...

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Herb Clark said...

Where do you recommend one go for plans and instructions on building 1 or more wind turbines? My sister is ready to put in wind turbines and solar power right now!

She wants to be off grid and not have to worry about being without power the next time a hurrican comes her way (2 are enough to make her a believer). She lives on Lake Sam Rayburn.