Friday, October 24, 2008


Made cables to hook up my new inverter and installed the switches for Turbines 3 & 4. Half day today cause I had to shower and head to the Terlingua Ranch Lodge to witness part of the local home owners association quarterly board meeting. The HOA out here is kind of a mess...we'll just leave it at that.
However, on the way in I picked up my mail and got my annual property tax bill for my 40 acres of paradise. I think I can scrape up enough change to cover this. By the way, Texas has no state tax to deal with by April 15th each year. It's absurd when I compare this to what I payed in NY for property tax. This years tax out here is $146.41. That's how much I paid last year every 4.5 DAYS! for the privilege of living in my home in upstate NY. Was the quality of life 98.77% better back east? Nope...we'll just leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that that there is no income tax in Texas. I was wondering about that. Property taxes are nice and reasonable too. ;-) Arktist

Herb Clark said...

John, don't be mistaken that property taxes are that low all over Texas.

That wouldn't pay much on property taxes in Harris County (Houston).

Unknown said...

im in the process of moving to the high desert of Utah