Sunday, October 12, 2008

Done Dam

Benita came in for breakfast at 8 AM this morning. Fed and watered her then headed out to strip the forms from the last pour on the's kind of like unwrapping a present. Looks good - hope it holds water. 50% chance of rain today but doesn't look like we will get any. After cleaning up around the construction site - I came back home to find Benita and 20 uninvited quests for Sunday brunch. Chased off the herd and then gave Benita a small snack.

Went over to Chuck and Kathy's to visit for awhile...their part time neighbor Nancy was there as well. Nancy gave me a squash, some peppers, and a red cabbage from her garden back east. Clouds started looking ominous out west so I came back home. Spent the rest of the afternoon making some cables to connect my new batteries and stripping the hot water heater I got. Finished early today and took a fantastic shower. Hope it doesn't rain tonight as I need to go to Alpine tomorrow for some shopping and the chance to see my friends Abe, Josie and Leo (the potty trained 6 month year old!).

1 comment:

Herb Clark said...

Your dam looks really nice!

I think Benita is now trained.