Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mocha boys...

Finally finished the battery house wiring today. Not quite as pretty as I had envisioned but it's simple, organized, and safe. I drilled and ran a 4th line through the wall for wiring from a solar panel and an anemometer that I am ordering tomorrow. For now I have two 15 watt panels hooked up to through the wiring from turbine mount #3 to add some juice to the battery bank. This power system will be a hybrid as it will have 400 watts potential ( 25+ mph winds ) from the wind turbines and a 123 watt solar panel.

Had dinner out again - this time at Nancy's with a group of 7 neighbors. Highlight of the evenings conversation for me was the description of a game one of the dinner guests used to play with his friends. Think cow tipping..... This game was called Mocha - pronounced Mo cha, not Mo ca. Forgot to ask the reason the game was called Mocha. The way I see get a bunch of your friends together, add a lot of beer, a couple of pickup trucks, and some open fields with lots of jackrabbits. According to one of the inventors of the game, jackrabbits tend to freeze when they are blinded by headlights. The point of this game is to pile all your buddies into a couple of trucks, head out into the field, and get one to freeze in your headlights like a deer would, then jump out of the truck and go kick the jackrabbit like a football. Apparently when they finally land, they are done staying still and take off like....well... jackrabbits. Tell me what is worse....a bunch of kids glued to their xbox or computer all day or the rabbit kickin' Mocha boys? For the point to be made here, it's best that I not tell you about another one of their games they invented....called Yodel Rollin'.

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Dan Louche said...

Hey John,

Been reading your blog for some time and went back a ways to find this post. I'm wiring up a small solar array and had a question about yours. I see you have your battery bank wired up to be 24 volts. Do you use a 24V inverter and solar panels (or 2 12v in series)? I thought I've read that you use a 12v inverter and panels so I was wondering how that was wired up.

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.