Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Shopping

Easy morning of getting reorganized and making yet another shopping list. I need a few more parts to wire up the battery bank and new wind turbines. Most importantly is figuring out how I'm gonna hook up the 12 VDC hot water coil that will take all the excess energy from the wind turbines. Just as I was heading down my driveway, I noticed Chuck's jeep coming over the hill from Agua Fria Rd. up north. He and Kathy and our friend Craig Suber had been rock hunting this morning and stopped by on their way home.

Got up to Alpine by 1:30 and nailed the shopping list. I'm pretty sure I got everything I needed to complete the job of hooking up the wind turbines. Found exactly what I needed to hook up the hot water coil. In any event, I don't anticipate the need for another trip north for at least a week. Also picked up some fly spray to douse Benita - this is major fly season now and it's driving her crazy. Even had time to special order the revolver I have decided on through the local hardware store. More on that when it arrives.

Home at 5:30PM and unpacked...took a walk around the property to take some photos of the plant life springing up everywhere. Benita showed up soon after with another cow and calf that have heen following her around lately. Looks like I have 3 longhorns now. I named the new cow Senora Halderson because she reminds me of my high school Spanish teacher, and I call her calf, Elsalita. They aren't quite as cozy with me as Benita - but give 'em time.


Mudguy said...

WOW - hard to believe that's Terlingua...unreal how green.
Wind farm is looking great too!


John Baxter said...

Green like a meadow! I've been noticing through the last past few weeks of posts, not like it is these days in 15Dec2017