Monday, October 6, 2008

Starlight Theatre

Checked the NWS rain gauge this morning an low an behold there was .02" of officially measured rain from last nights brief downfall. Started laying out the conduit and organizing all my parts to start wiring up the turbines. Discovered that I needed two 45 degree angle connectors to come out of the boxes I mounted yesterday - alas... another ride to Studio Butte. Stopped by the ranch supply store first to see if they had what I needed. They didn't. Figured I'd check my mail before heading south which meant hanging out at the ranch supply store and chatting with folks while I waited for the mailman. He came - nothing for me today.

Got just what I needed down south - headed right home and back to work. Ran 30 ft. of conduit and made the connections to the boxes. By the time I had wired up one of the boxes with a fuse and stop switch, it as about 4:30PM. Decided a shower and a trip back to Study Butte for 2fer1 burger night would be a good idea for the evening.

Had to shoo Benita away as I was taking my outdoor shower. Guess she was attracted by the sound and smell of running water - or maybe it was just me in all my naked splendor. She came back after I finished and proceeded to lick the base platform of the shower - didn't seem to mind the soap and conditioner. Drove over and picked up my friend Ronald ( the nicest guy in Texas ) . He joined me for dinner down at the Starlight Theatre in the Ghost Town. I got home just after sunset, gave Benita her dinner snack and now I'm hunkerin' down for the night.

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rastaman said...

Hey JW...finally found your blog 2 days ago.started reading from scratch
we are now up to date.very enjoyable reading especially since we could relate having been there.but you are making us overly anxious to return.
hope by our next trip Benita will be fully adopted so she and zuki can play. keeping up with your going ons has now become a daily ritual. yeh mon!
david & susan