Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Field Trip

This morning I was torn between working on the turbine wiring or working on my dam for my creek catchment system. Decided I wasn't quite up to a day of building forms and mixing concrete. Instead I drilled a hole through the rammed earth wall of the battery house and ran the wiring from the first two turbines to the inside.

Took a field trip today with my friend Chuck to check out a super solar system he installed for a mutual friend of ours. It was quite impressive - all high end components with plenty of juice to spare. As most of the connections were inside boxes, it didn't help me out too much with what I have to hook up for myself - but it was really good to see a quality system installed professionally. When I got home I was greeted by Benita chilling out in the shade of my front porch. So far she still gets out of my way without too much prompting.

Still have more planning to do before I continue wiring up my system so I diverted my attention to other chores....namely, lowering and painting my other two wind turbine mounts and readjusting and securing the guy wires. Last task of the day was installing the mount for the 12 VDC hot water coil into a trash can. Once I'm sure there are no leaks, I will build an insulated box around the trash can. Seems like there is always something that really needs to be done out here - I have gotten a lot done since being out here ( officially 10 months as of yesterday ) but there is plenty more to do.
Caught a glimpse of the International Space Station flying over tonight - an even better viewing opportunity will be Friday night.

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