Sunday, October 5, 2008


So much for a day of rest. Since I woke up at 5:30Am - I got to work once the sun rose over the mountain east of me around 8. Cut and mounted two new wind turbine tails complete with lettering. Also made some wiring adjustments to the first turbine and completed painting its pole. That is half a day right there. Made a quick run down to Study Butte for some necessities and ended up hitting a vulture that was dining in the road and didn't get out of the way in time - bounced right off my windshield...sorry about that!

Took it slow in the afternoon but was able to prep the pole boxes for the 2 turbines I have mounted. Had to cut and bend some 10-24 threaded rod to make custom U-bolts to attach the boxes. Got really windy this afternoon so I put off mounting the boxes while the turbines where screaming - and instead installed the faucets on my two new water tanks. Still windy but I wanted to get those boxes mounted so I took a chance that I wouldn't be decapitated by a wayward turbine blade. Got'er'done without mishap.

Benita came by for a dinner snack then I fired up my grill to cook a steak I picked up in Alpine. Was feeling kind of weird about cooking beef in front of my longhorn buddy....she must have sensed something as she wandered down my road to graze away from the house just as I was slapping the meat on the grill. As I was getting ready to eat we had a heavy rainstorm that lasted about 2 minutes. Just enough to settle the dust.


Jason Tucker said...

As I was reading this and you got to the point where you were grilling the steak I thought "wow.. Benita is gunna be upset with you"

John Baxter said...

I've never saw a plastic spigot before!