Thursday, October 2, 2008

Estrella Vista

Met with my new friend Susan Griffin from the National Weather Service early this morning. She came out to install a rain gauge on my my daily weather reports to them including rainfall amounts and high and low temps of the day will help aid weather forecasting - its all about collection information. Back in the early 60's, my grandfather Harold Niles called in weather conditions from his little coffee shop in Georgetown, Colorado to Denver based on truckers experiences coming west on I-70. Now I get to perform the exact same service he provided using internet technology reporting from my own remote weather station. Didn't get home tonight in time to get a picture of the rain gauge - look for it tomorrow.

Made a run to Study Butte to do a load of laundry...met up with Jerry, my UPS delivery guy at the Motor Inn Cafe and got my latest parts that will allow me to fire up 2 wind turbines to start charging the batteries I just got. Got home and reorganized one of my shipping containers so I could move the latest load from Austin in. The whole time I was working on this, Benita was hanging out in the yard. I'm getting used to having a longhorn in close proximity.

Cooked up a batch of zucchini and tomatoes to take to dinner. My new friend Dan invited me up to dinner at Estrella Vista - the former home of my friends the Connallys that led me to this area. Had a great time hanging out ( and eating a good steak - sorry Benita ). Dan has come out here for many of the same reasons I have - one of which being, a simpler life that is sustainable. This is the face of a man that has discovered the secret of life. A really weird thing about Dan is he looks a lot like my old elite fashion photographer boss from my NYC days, Bruce Weber. Really makes me think about my life path.

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