Thursday, October 23, 2008

More wires...

Had an interesting morning - dark and early. Woke at 3AM but got back to sleep somehow. Got up at 6:45AM meaning to watch the space station flyover. Somehow I completely missed it. May have waited just a little to long for the coffee to brew. Anyway, I'm standing out there in the dark staring at the night sky. Didn't see the space station but did see two shooting stars. As I continued to search the sky, I heard a clomp, clomp, clomp in the darkness. Next thing I know, Benita is standing right behind me. Waited till sunup to give her the breakfast snack.

Found the perfect anemometer to hook up for the battery house while searching online this morning. Just what I need to factor in the wind speed with what the wind tubines are pumping out. Labored slowly all day placing the conduit and running the wiring for my second two wind turbines. Needed a couple more vital pieces so went down to Study Butte to shop and so I wouldn't waste a trip - did a load of laundry. Just about finished the wiring when my new friends Dan and Paul stopped by for a visit. Nice to have company out here every now and then.

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