Saturday, October 18, 2008


Taking the weekend off. In lieu of progress, I present the following product endorsement. I have been a MagicJack customer for 3 months now. I signed up for $40 - that included the USB phone jack and software all my long distance calls to anywhere in the US or Canada for the first year. After this it will be $20 per year for all my long distance calls. I already saved 40 bucks on long distance. Make unlimited long distance calls back to the US with your laptop and magicjack wherever you travel in the world as long as you can get a high speed internet connection. Lots of other bonuses to consider. Check out Have a great weekend!

I am John Wells and I approve this message.


Chris said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and visiting your web site. What about a water well? Can you have one drilled in your area?

John Wells said...

Water wells out here are not the best option...if you can find water - its not very good. I will stick to rainwater catchment off my roof for drinking and stream catchment for irrigation. Thanks for following my blog.