Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dung-eating butterfly

Finally got back into the swing of things today...took a couple hours this morning to wire up the pole mounts for my next two wind turbines. Went in to Chucks to refrigerate some 1lb. propane cylinders. I have an adaptor that refills them (but they need to be chilled first) from a 20lb tank. 20 one lb. cylinders would cost me ( 20 x $3.29 = $65.80 ). To fill my 20lb propane tank costs me $16.00. The adaptor cost me $30. Do some quick math and see how much I save.

The afternoon was organization time. I have to get back to Austin before the end of the month so I need to make sure I have room for the last of my "stuff". All my tools and electrical supplies were in one big pile in the front of one of the shipping containers. It was driving me crazy digging through the pile to find what I needed. Got all that sorted out and cleared quite a bit of space. One more afternoon of re-packing efficiently and I will have tons of room. Feels pretty good to go from chaos to order.

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TexasMan said...

Stupid me looked at the 2 pictures first and thought "WOW, he has 2 storage containers". Then I read your post and looked again and realized exactly what you said. You had cleaned and reorganized 1 container!

Pays to read post before looking at picutres.