Monday, August 24, 2009

Beefed up the welds

Lots of the same coming up work wise for the next couple of weeks so I'm going to have to mix and match to keep myself amused. First order of business was changing out the wire on my welder. Switched from .030 to .035 flux core wire. Bumped up the juice one notch and turned down the feed one notch and found the perfect mix. Took about 3 1/2 hours to weld up the section I set up yesterday with stellar results. What a way to start a Monday morning.

Got hot so I switched gears to the solar oven. Mixed up a batch of "Dr. Doug Loaf" to deliver tonight at the Starlight. 4 cups self rising flour, 1 TBS Mesquite seasoning, 4 TBS sugar, 2 cups Monterey Jack cheese ( invented in the US according to NPR's Science Friday ), 1 1/2 cups of Hickory Smoked SPAM, and a 16oz can of Budweiser Chelada Beer. Baked in the solar oven for 3 hours at 275 degrees. Shot down to the Startlight and delivered it still hot from the oven to Dr. Doug. Funny thing is when I got there he was talking to his brother Jon ( Dr. Doug's webmaster ) and he put me on the phone to chat for awhile. He has featured the Field Lab quite nicely on the website...

Entertainment feature of the day: As much disdain I have for popular culture, I am a sucker for these videos of the latest great talent to be found. Regardless of how their lives will change for the worst if they aren't really really careful - I just love to witness the moment of personal triumph and a new beginning.


gumo said...

I absolutely love Science Friday on NPR. The website is cool, too.

texascowpunk said...

Wow, that kid can sing his you know what off! Thanks for the link to your friends site. Any friend of James McMurty (one of the best song writers alive) is a friend of mine!

Old Wise One said...

This is probably a little overkill for what you are doing on your project.You probably already know this information, just a little information for the rest of the folks.
Weldable rebar is ASTM A706, vs the typical ASTM 615 used for concrete reinforcement.
Due to the high Carbon Equivalent of rebar, low hydrogen welding electrodes are recommended for welding rebar. Weldable rebar will have a C60 W stamped on the end of the rebar. If you weld regular non weldable rebar it can easily break.
In the US, most rebar is not suitable for welding. ASTM A 616 & ASTM A 617 reinforcing are re-rolled rail steel & re-rolled rail axle steel with uncontrolled chemistry, phosphorous & carbon content. These are not suitable for welding.

John Wells said...

Non-weldable rebar is weldable; it just doesn't meet code being welded for the purpose it is intended, which is burying in concrete.

Allen Hare said...

That weld looks a lot deeper and stronger than the ones before. I bet it's plenty strong for what you're doing.
I love me some Dr. Doug! I've met him on the porch a few times, and he has an awesome website.
I agree with texascowpunk that James McMurtry is one of the best songwriters around, and also one of the best guitarists I've seen.
Congrats on your very productive day of work, and the fresh bread delivery.

denziel56 said...

O yea I believe Joe Cocker himself would have been proud of that performance ,I had heard about this fellow and Thanks for sharing on you site ,
Your getting more penetration now and burning more wire but that's a good thing while your working iron. glad you got it "dialed in"

Anonymous said...
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D. B. Day IV said...

Just as an aside, have you checked out the small house movement? Although, they do not stress off-the-grid sustainability, they do have a lot to say about living in small spaces. I think the movement complements your project. Check out and The links from the blog are fascinating. It details gypsy caravans to the modern trailer cabins. Cheers and keep up the hardwork. I love checking in on the progress.