Wednesday, August 26, 2009

more of the same

Got a call last night from yet another disgruntled alternative energy system owner. Ryan, Diego, and I headed up to check out the problems. Seems a neighbor that came out here about the same time as I did has gotten screwed (not in the good way) by just about every contractor she has hired. Ryan found so many F-ups on this system, I won't even mention them till he comes back to do the repairs so I can photograph them. Note: If you come out here to live, you better be able to do it all yourself because the labor force out here is PATHETIC. I don't mind posting that here because it is so true.

That dilemma solved...back to work at the Field Lab. Welded up my two halves, stood it up and got half the final welding done by 8PM. Now that I have the procedures figured out, it's all factory work till the final truss is raised.

Now that the solar oven is back in business - been doing my dinners the last couple of nights. Pop it in at 6:30 and when I finally get around to eating at 9, its cooked and still hot. Set it and forget it...


czardastx said...

Can't recall every seeing your post conveying anger at something you've come across. Must have been some pretty big screw ups that happened to your neighbor. It's a shame that people don't take more pride in the work the produce.

It's good that you and Ryan will be working together to make it right. Looking forward to the pictures of the f'ups.

Great picture of the truss on the containers. Beautiful sunrise. I can't wait, going to vacation for a week out that way (Fort Davis)in a couple of weeks and am really looking forward to giving my camera a workout. I hope to be able to catch some of the natural beauty like you have.

Paul - Georgetown, TX

denziel56 said...

Friday, August 21, 2009
"Solar 101"

Jw reference this post . Im am avaliable for service calls.

I hope you can mention I'm a qualified Class 1 Installer .

Been doing this for over 13 years.

thanks .

where are the flags?

cheers !


Allen Hare said...

Dog gone it, John, you're really crankin' 'em out now! So, now, you got one day chopping pieces, one day welding the first half, one day welding the second half, and one day welding the two halves together. Really excellent progress. I hope you can maintain, and that the heat isn't bearing down on ya too much. Good luck on continued good progress.
Really nice of ya to come to the aid of your neighbor like that, you and Ryan both - "What goes around, comes around".

Anonymous said...

Sounds like youre doing a lot of good out there john. kudos!

And how bout that solar oven, have you cooked a bird in it yet?

Bob from Athens said...

Every time something new comes along like generating your own power, seems a bunch of shoddy crooks comes right along with it!
Well back in the "good ole days" when we knew all out neighbors and when someone wanted some work done all they had to do was go down to the local store or cafe to get some good references, things was a lot easier. A lot easier to get good reliable help because your friends and neighbors would tell you like it was about the quality and fair pricing of all the local help. Nowdays it seems that there is a crook hiding behind every bush waiting to take your money and run or or doesn't care what you tell your neighbors about the quality of his work because his/her next job will be 100 miles away in the next county. When it comes to hiring someone, it all comes down to the same ole basics, get references and check them out, go put an eye ball on some of their work and see for yourself. Make sure that the people refering you to someone are people and friends that you trust. Never, never, never pay up front for anything, unless it is someone that you personally know and trust through long experience and association, even then only pay for materials. And nowdays it is very easy to print up fake certificates, diplomas, etc. etc. that appear totally genuine, if someone shows you some paper or diploma that says they are "certified" or whatever, get the number on it and call who ever supposedly issued it. Good, decent, honest people don't mind being checked out.

Baytown Bert said...

Love that Texas sunset, John!