Sunday, August 2, 2009

wipe your feet you silly cow...

Ended up getting a nice steady rain last night that amounted to .60". Benita came in this morning with a load of clay all over her feet...suddenly it occurred to me that perhaps I should make use of my generator to fire up my vacuum cleaner and suck up a years worth of dust inside. All my horizontal surfaces had been taken over once again so I spent the day putting away what needed to be kept and filing the rest away for a trip to the landfill. Couldn't help but think that some of the microns of dust that made it through the Hepa filter in the vacuum, came from my last clean up of my house in NY before I made the move here.

Please view, rate, and comment on this YouTube video about Pete the Moose in Vermont. Benita is in love and would appreciate it if you would call Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont at 802.828.3333 to persuade him to let Pete live.


denziel56 said...


just sent an e-mail to the gov of Vermont to save Pete ! was wondering what Perry would say ?

tryed calling , but them floks are closed today ? what-up with that ! (lol).

your place took the storm pretty well I think ,as you did not get sucked down the creek! would have liked to have seen the gorge fill and run to bottom of the canyon.



Anonymous said...

JW, I agree with everything that the bearded Moose said. Except when he said that the Moose was important and he wasnt.

I think that everything on this planet has its own importance. Moose not more important than a man or vs/vrs. The problem is we have allowed others to decide what is in the best interests for All of us without checks and ballances. we need to stop loonatics in high places from doing things that risk our future environment and well being. I like Montanas way of leaving wildlife alone.

Shadowmoss said...

I don't understand the part of killing the animals that are not native. However, they said in the article that F&W is trying to work with them for a solution that doesn't include killing the animals. What I don't get is what a few of the comments on the original article alluded to: This is a 'hunting compound' is it not? Where the animals in general are raised to be 'hunted' inside a fence? Killed? Somewhat like the F&W is suggesting for some of the animals that everyone is against? What does it take to make the list of animals too important to kill, and ones that are raised for just that, to be killed as 'sport'. I'm not against hunting, but I have issues with what it sounds like this setup is. Don't see the sport of shooting caged animals. While I'd like to see Pete saved, I'm not so sure I want to jump on a bandwagon to save the actual place. But, maybe I'm missing something or maybe only part of the story is being told by the Save Pete organizers.

Mr_Brown said...


I noticed a fair displacement of refrigerant on your counter. Was that also part of the storm aftermath or just regular aftermath?

Hope the clean up is going well. I hate to see that the Field Lab took a beating.

Billy Bob said...

LOL John, your little abode was just perfect until you cleaned it up. Now you'll never find anything. The vacuum was ok, but to rearrange perfectly placed way.
Looks great!!!

pipsqeek said...

Word, Off Grid Terlingua. I really dislike how people put everything into a basket (guilty here, but working on it) or some sort of category. Just leave it be.

Shadowmoss, same here. I don't understand it here in Australia either. People introduce another species in order to eradicate a "pest" when all you're doing is introducing another pest thank to putting an animal somewhere it doesn't belong... then what do people do? Go and eradicate the introduced species because it harmed something else more important. Again, leave it be.

John, good to see you cleaning up for a change. Hate to pop in all the way from Downunder only to have you make me clean up your dustbowl. :p

Bob from Athens said...

OK, I have sent e-mail to the Vermont gov from several different e-mail accounts and have strongly urged everyone I could think of to do the same. Pete is obviously just an innocent bystander in all of this.
That said, there appears to be a lot of hysteria, and he said this, no he said that, going on here and most of it links directly to this guy "Nelson" who apparently is running an illegal game hunting operation and most likely is just trying to cover his *** by getting the public all riled up, obviously one of the options would be to eradicate all the animals on the farm, but, and here is where the he said/he said comes in, the gov claims he is still trying to find some way to settle this and has not made any decision so far.
Seems like to me that nelson should be the target. Getting him to test all the animals on the farm and start trying to find some place for them to go.
Here are some quotes taken from the newspaper article.
"Fish and Wildlife is negotiating with Nelson about what steps to take to rid the property of the native animals, and Nelson said that Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche told him his department would kill the animals, including Pete, in the coming weeks.
Wildlife officials worry that the imported elk might spread diseases, particularly chronic wasting disease, to Vermont's native deer and moose population, and having the native animals living there is against state regulations.
Laroche has disputed Nelson's assertions, saying he was open to further negotiation about the animals and even finding a solution that didn't result in the animals' extermination if that was possible"

The Fat Mermaid aka NMM said...

Hey John,
I love your little house! Looks good. Have you thought about putting a rug out for Benita to wipe her feet on? Just kidding.
Thank you for posting the info about Pete, I sent an email to the gov of VT, I hope it helps.