Sunday, August 16, 2009


day in...dinner out.


Bob from Athens said...

Great sunset, thanks for the new wallpaper!

Billy Bob said...

Holy cows John, that one good look'n sunset. The bestest times of the day is sunrises and sunsets.

A sunrise is what it is
The start of another day
A sunset is what it is
Natures glory "all" the way

Allen Hare said...

I agree, an awesome sunset pic. I notice there are a lot of power poles and lines in the photo, so I'm assuming that this was not made at the Field Lab, but, maybe out by the highway near the Grub Shack, or over on 170 near the Ghost Town. You did mention going out for dinner.
Hope you had a relaxing day, and a good dinner.
Looking forward to the next project.

MsBelinda said...

Spectacular sunset.

2L84Me said...

Great Shot!

Good Eye!

Lynette said...

dinner out where?

czardastx said...

Gorgeous photo John. I'm going to be vacationing in Fort Davis next month. I'm planning on giving my camera a workout. I'm going to be taking lots of pictures, I mean lots, daytime, nighttime, sunrise, get the idea. This picture is inspiration for me to get out and about when I'm there to get some great shots.

Thanks for the photo inspiration.

Paul in Georgetown

Just Me said...

C'mon Lynette, a blog doesn't have to be a fish bowl, does it? Let the man have some privacy. Personally, I kinda like the mystique factor.

Bob O said...

Always good to have a day off. I always envy your energy, glad to see you are recharging.

Nice sunset shot, too.

Keep up the good works.