Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ben the Builder

Took 2 hours to police the grounds today. Somewhere out in the desert is a roll of toilet paper yet to be found. Cleaning up was just about all I could muster today. The Brewster County Tax Assessors office is due to come out today or tomorrow, so I stuck around and kind of waited for them. They are coming at my request as I have filed for a homestead exemption. They were a no show today. Will work on getting the water tanks back into position tomorrow.

Since I didn't accomplish much at home, I took a drive over to check out a newbie here named Ben - my new builder hero. What's not to like about a guy who can do it all himself, has a plan and executes it in a timely manor, and doesn't mind having his picture on my blog. He built the platform last year in about a week and just got out here and framed these walls in one day. Does my heart good to see such precise effort - especially out here.


Anonymous said...

Ben sure has a great set up, are you going to be following his progress? Would like to see his home come together.

trevor.reichman said...

Hey, thanks for posting this article. It is nice to see my neighbor's progress from the road. I got to meet Ben last year when he put up the platform. He has been a contractor for many years, building many homes, which is probably where his ability to plan and execute efficiently comes from. Dude's got skillz, yo!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing my baby brother on your blog. Very interesting to see your sight. Great pics.