Friday, February 27, 2009

The Final Four

Low overnight was 41 and the high today was 96. Began the early morning with the first longhorn arrival for breakfast. This one is named Angelina. She usually shows up before the others but keeps her distance. Another productive work day identical to Wednesday. Container #4 delivery exactly the same as #3. Shot another video but it looks just like the last one so no need to post it. The trucker had just enough room to pull the truck through, squeezing between my house and the fire pit - inching by the shower out my new driveway path. I rewarded him with a chunk of Field Lab Solar Oven Bread for another job well done. Chuck came by to watch the offload and nudge the container a bit with his Kubota ATV. Once it was close to the mark, he took off back east to the busy side of town. Only took 2 hours today to fine tune the position and set 'er up on blocks. Spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up the grounds and spent at least a couple of hours just admiring my two new 5000lb additions to the Field Lab and dreaming about the next step. Now that the final 4 are in position, I can finally get to work on the greenhouse courtyard. Got a lot to do before the HOT summer days arrive.

Press update: My Marfa Public Radio interview to air on Monday, March 2nd....10AM and 6:30PM central promises at this point.


Anonymous said...

That's REAL Country Livin'
A rusty 'frigerator and a pink bedstead!

Anonymous said...

OK, this might sound dumb, but how are you going to keep rattlesnakes from congregating under your containers? Once it gets hot, they're going to be looking for cool shade, right?

El Professor said...

How much those containers cost, delivered?