Friday, February 20, 2009

Betty's Battery Box

Placed the solar oven in the early morning sun to start the pre heating. Tried another beer bread recipe that didn't quite make the grade. Not even photo worthy. While the duds were in the oven I took a drive over at the request of the blog king, check on his oasis as he is still on the road. He got word of our little wind storm and asked me to go take a peak. All was well as far as I could tell. He left his propane fridge on - locked inside his trailer - but the tank ran out of gas long ago....hope he didn't have any butter milk or uncooked chicken in there. While I was on his road, I drove to the end to check another friends place. Haven't heard from him in awhile and don't know if he has been out since the storm. Everything seemed to be in place there too - including this pair of tidy whiteys hanging on the close line.
After having thought about the design for a couple of days - I assembled a new battery box for my friend Betty...owner of the Grub Shack and my breakfast sandwich maker. Not much to look at - but just wait till you see what it is replacing. So much for Friday.


MsBelinda said...

Looking forward to seeing what the battery box is replacing...

Hope your friend doesn't read your blog and sees his underwear posted on the world wide web, lol!!

timetraveler said...

I can tell those were special "in case of wind storm" clothes pins. Embarrassing to get your panties up in a knot in some cactus bush somewhere.