Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fixer upper

Two hours of mixing and pouring - and eight bags of concrete later, my second entrance tower is planted firmly in the ground. Next step is to build some "heavy feet" for them with cinder block to help with the scale of the landscape. At this point, I'm playing it by ear. It will be fun to figure out how to embellish this project as it evolves. I chose a pre-reward for this task by getting my favorite breakfast sandwich from The Grub Shack. Took almost as much time to clean up the construction zone.

Not to waste the afternoon (keeping an eye on the calendar and my to do list for '09), I decided to take a closer look at an abandoned trailer just north of me off the highway. I've been thinking about this "broken dream" since the first time I saw it driving out here almost 2 years ago. Going to try and track down the owner if there is one as I would be more than happy to trailer it home and get to work on it as a future guest house. The poor thing is beat to hell and gutted, but I love the shape. If anyone local reading my blog has info about it - let me know. It is located on the east side of HWY 118, just north of Agua Fria Rd.


Jack said...

No info on the trailer. Just wanted to mention that it is a sweet looking rig! Good luck getting your hands on it!

Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!



Anonymous said...

The Aluminum Palace!

Anonymous said...

kinda reminds me of your trailer in the upstate, ny woods, which, by the way is still standing and looks great -albiet covered in about three feet of snow right now.

Jon H said...

That trailer would make a wonderful walk in solar oven.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like the carcinogens of the ole meth lab.....its all yours man. God bless.

kahuna said...

That trailer is gonna make a cool addition. You could keep astronauts in it!

Mokazra.Jenkins said...

Is this possibly the land that has the trailer? It looks about right. Try contacting the realty agency, considering they are selling the 20 acres for 7 grand, they might be willing to part with the trailer for a good price. Good luck!