Friday, February 13, 2009


Got back into gear today. While the next big project is still waiting to begin - the trick is to find all the other little things that need attention but keep getting put off. Mental Note: There should never be the excuse that there is nothing to do as there is so much yet to do here at the Field Lab. The big inspiration of the day was helping Ben for 2 hours this morning shuttling OSB from the ground to the rafters. He danced around up there like it was no big deal. After my assistance - he spent the rest of the day nailing it all down for good and doing some child proofing for the "house in the sky". As for those who have questioned Ben's decision to build up on "stilts", all I can say is the feeling you get from the landscape being 10 ft. up is amazing and well worth his design effort. Kind of like the first time as a kid you see the world from a tree house.

After lifting 20 sheets of OSB up to Ben's roof, I was too energized to just sit the rest of the day. Got my other 2 wind turbines back in business and moved my water tanks back into place. I tried just pushing them but I couldn't muster the same horse power as the winds that pushed them off their pads. Had a quick revelation and put the go kart to work for a change. I think that's called mixing business with pleasure.


The Buzzardcheater said...

Tell Ben he needs to start a blog and answer these burning design questions... why the stilts? How'd he frame out the floor? Plumbing?

As usual, John, your daily posts keep me grounded. Keep up the good work, sir!

MsBelinda said...

I think it was very nice of you to help out your neighbor, wish there were more people like you out here in my world.

I loved your and wine.

Since I know zero about house design all I can say is that having a house on stilts is great in my book as I am deadly afraid of snakes and they would have a harder time climbing up there in the summer nights when star gazing would be ideal but snakes are crawling around!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ben to doublecheck for lift..most builders assume that the weight of the structure is enough to compensate for lift in a windstorm. Alot of pilots do that too....and get toppled. Cross bracing or baffles should do the trick. Godspeed.