Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bread, Batteries, and Bovines

Started off the day prepping for another dutch oven loaf of my best bread so far. Nothing like grilling up bacon and onions in the cool morning desert air. Got everything ready to go and dropped it in the solar oven at 11AM. Had 20+ longhorns in attendance most of the day. Trying to dissuade all but Beatrice to be allowed up by the house. Problem is she gets it that she is allowed but the rest haven't quite gotten the message that they aren't. Keep having to chase them away.

A couple of guys stopped by as I was leading the herd away from my house with some feed. One of them has a place south of me and turned out to be the brilliant painter and illustrator and also just happens to be the papercrete king of Alpine. Tom Curry I had heard about him when I first got here and now I finally met him. Next I had Aunts Kathy and Nancy come out this way to go rock hunting along the roads. Aunt Nancy is going to bring out some zucchini and squash her next trip out to experiment with in my solar oven (I love zucchini bread). They arrived just in time to get a chance to hand feed Beatrice. They were both very brave although no one has yet taken me up on my offer of $100 for the first person to jump on a longhorns back so I can get a quick picture before they are
bucked off.
The loaf of bread was done at 1:40PM and I took it out to cool. Cut it and wrapped the two halves and went on a delivery to Julie at the Ranch Supply Store and one to Chuck. Chuck has to share this half with Kathy and Nancy...He ate a third of it right away so he doesn't get any more. Ran over to Betty's to install the new battery house. I think her dogs were jealous. Finished off the afternoon setting blocks for the approximate location of my new containers. I set upright blocks to make sure I wouln't drive over them. The guy I bought mine from is coming out to deliver one for a neighbor and I want to bring him out here to check the logistics of placing mine when they come. Ended the day just like I started it - grilling more bacon and onions for tomorrow's loaf of my new specialty Field Lab bread. I might just keep this one for myself...


MsBelinda said...

Sounds like you had a pretty busy day. Betty's new battery box looks great, hope she gives a discount on your breakfast sandwich.

Practice makes perfect so keep on baking those loaves of bread because I got a feeling you are going to get a ton of visitors over the Easter holiday.

Anonymous said...

Check your blog every day and really enjoy reading your posts.
What is the location of the Grub Shack? We visit Big Bend every year and need a good place for breakfast.
Also, any interest in setting up a webcam? I'd love everyday views of the desert.

Anonymous said...

I'll do it for $150. cmhc.

Anonymous said...

Bacon/onion bread...sounds like a complete meal! Add a cold beer and you've hit all the major food groups!!