Wednesday, February 4, 2009


No romance - just chores today....played with blocks and built the bases for my towers. Will let them sit for a couple of days to decide what the next step will be. Stopped my Chucks for help on tracking down the owner of the travel trailer I'm interested in acquiring. He is pretty good at tracking down information. Came back home and had to raise the block foot on tower one an inch to line it up with the foot on tower two. That done - cleaned up the latest construction zone. Some old man out here told me I was crazy to have my cinder blocks delivered at the end of my driveway instead of at the house, knowing that I would have to move them. But you know what? I moved 100 cinder blocks back to the house today and I'm all pumped up tonight. Just the right amount of manual labor is a good thing. Finished up by enclosing my 2nd compost bin with the two pallets I had left over from the blocks I just moved. Named another friendly longhorn snacking here today after the youngest daughter of the guy who bought my house back in NY....her name is now Ermengard. Finally caught another pretty good (but not super fantastic) sunset tonight.


Anonymous said...

Great sunset...what kind of camera are you using to film digitize? Guess film is dying out these days.

J.P. Carter said...

Very nice! What did you film that with?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Sunset!