Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Another beautiful dead calm morning at the Field Lab. Like yesterday, I began with watching the moon set just at sunrise . As I had been warned by Weather.com, I knew this nice/still morning would be short lived. Spent an hour and a half lowering 3 of my wind turbines and removing their blades. I would rather test just one turbine in high winds.

The McCoys delivery arrived at 1:00PM. We had 22 longhorns in the yard watching my materials get off-loaded. It was just starting to get breezy. I had a late lunch at the Grub Shack and got back home at 2:30 - just in time for major wind and a dust storm. It was a little bit scary out here for awhile. Just after sunset, the winds died out. My instruments showed a max speed of 46.9 mph with an average wind speed throughout the afternoon of 25 mph. My lone test turbine survived the gales ( but made some unearthly noises )and needless to say, the battery bank is fully charged. The group of very good friends I have fallen in with here checked in with one another throughout the storm to make sure everyone was ok.

My two "empty" 3000 gallon water tanks moved a couple of feet - Note to Self: Put some water in them! No real damage here but I will have to take most of tomorrow morning to clean up debris that resulted from my recyclables getting loose.
Got this email from Tom Michael at KRTS Marfa Public Radio late this afternoon.... "John, KRTS is off-the-air due to high winds... we may not be airing our TALK AT TEN if we're not up again tomorrow morning.. fyi." My interview might be postponed - but better tune in or log on tomorrow just in case!!


T&K said...

John, In regards to 93.5 FM, our STL dish and your interview was a casualty of the high winds in Marfa today. We're rescheduling this to Monday, Presidents Day, February 16, after the 10 AM CT newscast, online at www.marfapublicradio.org. Thanks.

MsBelinda said...

Man those winds were terrible yesterday. Glad to hear you are doing alright as well as your neighbors.

I am sorry your radio interview was re-scheduled.