Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Puzzle

Today's 250 mile round trip journey to Ft. Stockton was an expensive success. Took Chuck along for the ride and got a free lunch which eased some of the financial burden of the day. I managed to pick up the final two big/heavy pieces of the Field Lab Puzzle. Bought my final two shipping containers to be delivered out here late next week or early the following week. Price including delivery is less than what I paid for the first two almost a year ago so I feel pretty good about that. I'm passing on the travel trailer plan "B" and back to plan "A" for the greenhouse building. The two new containers will become a guest house and an office/electronics workshop. Once they arrive I should be swamped with enough to keep me busy till the hot summer rolls in. Good thing is I will be unloading half the stuff from the two storage containers I have filled to the gills to supplement the interiors of the new ones I just purchased. That should leave plenty of room in all four containers. While in Ft. Stockton, we also stopped by what is probably the smallest Walmart in the US for some stuff we both needed. Loaded up on food for me and snacks for Chucks dogs and my longhorn buddies in Alpine. Beautiful sunny warm day all day. Doesn't feel so bad spending money on a nice weather day. .

UPDATE my interview bumped once next Tuesday!

UPDATED UPDATE: bumped twice today....I'm assured it will be March 1st now. No promises.


David said...

Hi John,

I'm curious about your greenhouse plans. Do you have a design in mind? If so, do you have any image you could post? I'm mostly wondering how the shipping containers fit into it.

Anyway, love the blog, and love the whole concept behind The Field Lab.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Wow! How appropriate that the final two containers that will complete the greenhouse are 1) painted green and 2) have "Evergreen" written right on the sides!